Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mt. Apo...Day 3...A Special Gift from the Creator Above

Time to say thank you & goodbye to Apo...

Bakit ganun, kung kailan malapit ng sumikat ang araw saka naman parang noon ka pa lang makakatulog ng ayos....haaay! But on this day, we woke up by our porters by saying "Good morning mam/sir...Coffee na po tayo" haist!...after a sleepless night eto ang maririnig mo....napaka sayang umaga talaga. And when we go out from our tent, grabe parang binagyo ang tents ng ibang kasama only shows na wala talagang nakatulog sa amin ng ayos...and when others starts to come out with their tents, makikita mo na ginaw na ginaw pa rin sila....Binigyan kami isa-isa ng coffee ng porters namin...salamat talaga sa kanila!

After having a good breakfast, one by one, our lead, sir Ivan approached us saying "let's go near the lake, set up na natin yung surprised proposal ni Louie kay Shyne" It was so romantic and so emotional...halos lahat kami napaluha sa ginawang marriage proposal ni sir Louie....And I was lucky because I witnesses that wonderful event in their life...Congratulations to both of you....

View of Lake Venado
View of Mt. Apo from Lake Venado
( Looks like a man lying peacefully)
Our Happy Guides

Our Camp in Lake Venado

Trails from Lake Venado to Kidapawan

After the wedding proposal of Louie and Shine,  we started to break our camp and prepare to descend via Kidapawan trail. Kidapawan trail was so nice and mossy. I described it as a continuous down slope and slippery. I think everyone of us had an experience to slide down and get wet. We encountered so much river crossing and different kinds of handmade bridge like bamboos and logs. I felt it so adventurous and exciting because this is the first time I experienced descending with wooden stairs and lots of river crossing which I couldn't count. Hoping on logs, walking under logs, going down on a sitting position, get wet and dirty, but I don't mind the hardship. We can still smile even our feet are aching...we can still enjoy taking some photos and posing in our best smile...I can say...of all the mountains I climbed, this is the most longest and yet very happy and exciting adventure...

I remembered one of my fellow climber told me, "walang madaling bundok na akyatin...pero lahat pwedeng maakyat, as long as na nag eenjoy ka at masaya ka" and he is right...hindi ko akalain na makakaya kong akyatin ang pinakamataas na bundok ng ating bansa...hindi ko inaasahan na makikita ko ito ng malapitan at madama ang ganda nitong taglay...ang klima na nagbibigay ng buhay sa kanyang kapaligiran...ang tunay na kamangha-manghang katangian ni Mt. Apo... 

Camp Coong
After having lunch in Camp Coong, we continued our trek and enjoy the last part of the trail. From the very start to the end....Mt. Apo gave us the best of the best experience...He let us saw his God given beauty that makes me think that this is His Gift from the Creator Above...

from where we spend our relaxation
after the climb

Our trek ends with a very relaxing hot bath and bonding with our porters/guide and the rest of the group....I personally thank The Backpackers who's always there inviting me and feels like I am one of the family our porters and guide who made this climb easier for me...and tho The Creator above for this Special Gift for us and to the next generation...Let us unite in taking care of our Mother Earth...Practice LNT (Leave No Trace) all the time...Tara....Byaheng Jologs na!!! wooot...wooot...

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