Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dream Mountain of 3 strange individual...MT. PULAG

Another dream come true...
Climb the "Highest Peak of Luzon"...
Feel the "Coldness of its Summit"...
Experience to see the "Sea of Clouds"...
Play in the "Playgound of Gods"...
Wear a "Winter Clothes"...

Dreaming of something that you want to do is not that easy...especially on my status...being on my mid-age or should I call it a "late bloomer" or "from old school" mountaineering.
But as my personal one is too late in fullfilling long as you have the passion in doing such dream...Climb Mt. Pulag... I keep on telling myself...I have to do it before my physical body resists the endurance to do so...hehe!
Again...It all started in reading stories/blogs from other writers/bloggers...I keep on viewing photos and reading their experiences...I keep on looking about Mt. to get there...what should i expect on summit if ever I got there...
When I decided to go back mountaineering with The Backpackers...I met Sir Mina creator of The Adventures of Manong Unyol... a co-blogger with the same dream that I had...we had a little chat about this famous mountain...until we part our ways after our joined climbed with the Bps...Since then, I keep on messaging him talking about the said mountain...Continously posting on facebook showing my eagerness to set my foot on this mountain. Until we made the desicion that we must push through with our dreams....No matter when and no matter how can we get there...We invited Sir JC of Ready JcGo our common friend on facebook to join us in our original planned to do it in DIY way...But on the later part of our preparation, we decided to invite more friends to join us who had the same dream as we had....
And that's the story of "A three strange individual join together and fulfill its dream...Climb Mt. Pulag"

A beautiful sunrise in Mt. Pulag Summit

Mt. Pulag's Summit
with Sir Mina and Sir Freddie

A beautiful experience....seeing the transistion of colors by our mother nature....from a very dark mountains to the slowly showing of sun that make your whole surrounding into orange color...and from orange color to yellow color means sun is almost up...I can't hold my emotion when I saw this amazing God given opportunity for us in this very amazing planet....

Morning Sun is up in Mt. Pulag
me surrounded with Dwarf Bamboo or Bamboo grass

the Grassland of Mt. Pulag..."The Playground of Gods"
This is the dream that I am longing for....this is the place I want to cherrish in my life as a solo backpacker...this is the place that most mountaineers dreamed of...A place to remember...A place that can be shared to others about your extreme experience....And this is how I value my travel adventures...To humbly share it to all of you who also dreamed about... Mt. Pulag...

Some views along the trail....

Trees along the trail
an ice crystals along the summit ( from photos of sir Freddie)

Ice crystals on the grass??? whoah!!! 
This is the reason why we didn't make any social activity in the campsite...whew! It's 5-6degrees during that time...brrrrrr....I almost suffered from a mild hypothermia....the regular walk time of the trail is 3hrs...and I took it 5hrs because of the hardship on my breath and severe headache....many thanks to my buddies sir Freddie for accompanying me and to our guide Manong Jerry for patiently waits me everytime I took a rest....

Our guide Manong Jerry 

along the grassland

signage on trail

tree forest

veggies farm around the Babadak Ranger

My fun to be with buddies...

the most kalog buddies
ang sarap ng upo may nahuhulog
palang mga bato galing sa

looks like a pro huh!

Top load...
My unforgetable top load...waaaah!
Sir Koi playing the local music instument
by the locals used to relax on the trail
(thanks sir Koi for allowing to use this photo)

inside Monster jeep

our friends who had the same dream

with sir Monskie-TUCO mountaineer leadman
and Engr. King- my nephew
taken in DENR office

this is a must before climbing Mt. Pulag

My chilling thanks to:
  • Thrasher Mina of Adventures of Manong Unyol             
  • Jc Sabio of Ready JcGo                                                   
  • Freddie Fernandez
  • Mon Sison and the group of TUCO Mountaineer
  • Engr. King Cruz
  • Mam Cecile and Mam Janet
  • Ms. Racky Bernardo
  • Koi Isdaman
  • Ms. Gina Epe of the Association of Monster Jeepney
  • DENR office
  • Our Guides Manong Jerry and Ate (I forgot her name)

Side Trip to Baguio City....

I would like to give the credit to Manong Unyol about this very exciting story...