Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mt. Apo....Day2...A Special Gift from the Creator Above...

Our final trek to summit...

Group picture at Godi-godi Camp
(photo credit to Ms. Clue of Bp)

We woke up early that day and everybody was so excited and energized. After having some breakfast, we took our last minute in Godi-godi Camp by taking our remembrance pictures...then we start our trek by asking more guidance to our Creator as the Backpackers used to do before the climb...

This time, I can say that the real challenge begins...In this part of our trek, we experienced to use not only our legs, but with our both hands too. Grabe, ramdam mo agad ang matatarik na akyatan. You really have to use your both hands just to hold the roots and stems of the trees para lang makaakyat...and I ask the group...Ganito ba ang Mt. Tarak, sabi ng iba sa Tarak daw mag aabot ang muka at tuhod mo sa pag akyat? And one of the Bps replied...."Mas mahirap ito mommy Weng"... another psychological strength for me since Mt. Tarak is one of the mountain that I am afraid to climb...hehe.

After a couple of hours of passing through the mossy part of the trail, and doing some "spiderman" like style of climbing....hehe...we saw a clearance....Huwahhh!...the most awaited Boulders of Mt. Apo...What a fantastic view! We clearly saw the whole view of the Boulders and the sulfuric smoke coming out from that mountain....Everybody was so happy that time and I don't see any tired face among the group. And being so excited, every cameras we had, came out and start shooting the Majestic Mt. Apo...Kung minsan biglang tumatahimik ang grupo na para bang kinakausap ang kalikasan...Like on my experience when I am on that part of the tears almost fell down with so much happiness in my heart...And these are the only things I can say..."Thank you Lord and you made me so lucky to see this beautiful and amazing creation of yours"..."I know that you loved me so much and you have given me this unforgettable experience and opportunity." Emotions are over-flowing to each and everyone of us....Ang saya ng feeling ko! Di na nga namin naiisip nung time na yun kung gaano kahirap akyatin ang napakalalaking bato. At kung titingnan sa ibaba nito ay napakataas at matarik....And our lead guide gave another precaution to the group. " Mam/Sir, doble ingat lang po sa pag-akyat...may mga malalambot at mga umuugang bato...tingin lang po sa inaapakan at kakapitan. Paki handa na rin po ang mask at mabaho po ang amoy ng usok na lumalabas" Haaay ....ang babait talaga nila!

Boulders of Mt. Apo


Photo of Ms. Clue

Thanks Ms. Clue

And we start to trek the Boulders...Kuya Omel lead us to the right side of the Boulders from where the air is blowing with the opposite direction, so that we cannot inhale the smoke coming out from it. But you realy cann't predict the wind during that time...It seems that, Mt. Apo did not want us to passed on that part without experiencing to smell the smoke coming out from him. Urgh! Ang hirap talaga huminga pag na tyempo and usok papunta sayo.....Grabe!  And like the winds, we cannot predict the weather, we also experience some rain showers while we are trekking the boulders, we have to take on and off our raincoats. But it does not mean that it will spoil our excitement in completing the trail. Boulders of Mt. Apo was truly amazing...there are lots of wild berries around and that is the only plants that lives in the area. Nakakatuwa talagang makita, it seems that it was the season for wild berries. Berries...berries...berries...everywhere...hahaha!

Until we reached the E-camp called Boracay. It was called Boracay because it is the flat part of the trail and it has a white sand and pebbles that makes the place so beautiful and admirable. We took our lunch on that place and as usual...our porters and guide prepared our food and assist us since everybody was so tired and exhausted. 

The Boracay Camp
We took our chances to some photo things and have some rest for an hour and a half...but again  a strong wind blewed up with some rain showers....ganun ata talaga ang hirap na pwede mo danasin makita lang si Apo...but the group can still uttered some jokes..."mam, teka lang ililipat ko yang bato para maharangan tayo"...knowing that the stone was big as a we have to push and continue to hike for our final assault to Mt. Apo's creater and summit. We have to take the 90degrees trail this time. Looking on the trail that we are about to climb ....parang di ko kakayanin....haaay!....kailangan nanaman dito ang "spiderman style". This time, we have to be very extra careful and cautious where to hold and where to step your feet...because it was really stiff and no roots or trees that you can hold...only rocks....whew! Buti na lang wala akong backpack na dala-dala...kundi pwede kang bumaligtad at mahulog...ang lakas pa naman ng hangin...ang hirap tumayo ng diretso...Daddy
Willie keeps on saying...."Guys...stay low...stay low..." Di talaga siya nakakalimot magpaalala...

Me, on Mt. Apo's Crater
(photo credit to Ms. Liz)
Mt. Apo's Crater

It was so cold and very windy when we reach the Crater...Sir Ivan told to the group..."Guys, konti na lang, we have to continue our trek to summit because the wind and rain is getting stronger"...And the group followed what he said.  We reach the summit in 5mins. Grabe ang ginaw....sobrang lakas ng hangin...mabuti na lang and I protected my head and back not to get wet...Natakot na kasi ako na baka mangyari ulit sa akin ang Pulag experience ko....Thanks be to God....even we are not lucky enough to have a clear view...punong-puno pa rin kami ang kasiyahan...Kakaiba talaga ang pakiramdam kapag narating mo ang tutok ng Mt. Apo....!

Mt. Apo Summit
Ms. Clue & Dadddy Willie
at the Summit

Though we wanted to spend more time in the summit, we decided to go down and proceed our trek to Lake Venado from where we will spend our 2nd night with Apo....

View of Lake Venado 
While on our way to Lake Venado, we experience it quite difficult because of the rain. Napakadulas ng trail and lahat kami giniginaw na....I ask sir Ivan na kung pwede na kami mauna with other porters kasi nakita ko nanginginig na sila sa ginaw...and I was thinking na kung mauuna na kami...they can take a little rest and we can make shelter for the others specially to Heinz, Clue and Tin who got some minor injuries along our way. And we are so lucky that we met a group from Bicol, inaya nila kami sa loob ng tarp nila para makasilong at binigyan pa kami ng coffee...super bait nila sayang at di ko nakuha ang name nila. Anyway, thank you guys who ever you are...And after that hot drink, we started to set our camp. Naawa talaga ako sa mga kasama kong giniginaw...thanks be to God and He gave me a strong body condition that time.....alam na bakit...hahaha...young at once! After pitching our tents, makikita mo talaga ang division of tasks among our porters...may nagtayo ng tarp, may kumuha ng tubig, may nagluto ng dinner. Sobrang swerte talaga namin sa porters and guide. Di ko kayang ubusin ang pasasalamat sa inyong lahat. Dinner was finished. Early lights off....pagod lahat....Zzzzzzz....Brrrrrr....basa kaming lahat pati loob ng tents...yaiks! Hirap matulog....hay!

I know na nakakabitin ang kwento...but let me cut it here...again...I cannot say my traditional ending, rather follow me on my 3rd day of adventure with Mt. Apo...see you again folks!!!