Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tarak Ridge...One of my Feared Mountain

One of my feared mountain? Tarak Ridge...Yes it is...because most hikers that I asked about this mountain had the same stories about it...they say, " ay naku mommy Weng, dito ko naranasan na mag abot ang noo ko at tuhod sa pag akyat"...Others told me that "ayoko na umulit dyan, pinahirpan ako ng todo ng bundok na yan"...Whew! If you are on my foot, what could you feel with these kind of stories? So, what I had in mind during those days was "fear"...I always turned down invitations... but on the other side, I really had the eagerness to see this beautiful mountain....I keep on searching about Mt. Tarak. And every time I saw the beautiful pictures of my other buddies and some mountaineers, I felt envy on them. They had so much beautiful memories on it especially on the part of Tarak Ridge. "Gusto ko magkaroon ng picture sa Ridge...Super ganda ng view". "Gusto ko makita ang famous na Papaya River"...And after my climb at Mt. Apo, I told myself, "with these, I think I am now ready in climbing Mt. Tarak"  If God surprised me that I can climbed Mt. Apo, I think He will also allow me to see the Tarak Ridge and experience the strong winds along the ridge.

Jump off to Tarak Ridge
Brgy. Alas-asin, Maribeles Bataan
Until one of my regular buddies, Ka Freddie, created an event to Tarak Ridge... the traditional way (traditional trail), I did not make any hesitation to go with them. Aside from I already joined them for several climbed, I trusted them that much and they can understand my mode of climbing. Super bagal kasi ako talaga...haay! I really thank them for having a big patience on me... to my well known...Baby Walk Style...hihihi...

The famous Nanay Cording's place

We left Manila bound for Bataan around 2am...and arrived Brgy. Alas-asin around 5am. Me, Jc, Lloyd, Gilda and Dada was the first group arrived in barangay hall for registration. Ka Freddie who was with us from Manila drop off at their ancestral home to get his climbing stuff while Gerald who will came from Baguio City will meet Ryan in SM San Fernando. We agreed that we will go ahead of them and meet at Nanay Cording's house.

Since most of us, the advance group, are newbies on this mountain except for Jc, he serve us as a guide to Nanay Cording...he knew that the old woman is very cool and nice to chat Jc and Dada uttered so many jokes while waiting for Ka Freddie to arrive. We had a free hot coffee, a good chat and  some photo shoots...talagang todo posing pa ang senior...hahaha...

After an hour of waiting, we started to hike again aiming to have lunch at the famous Papaya River...I don't know why is it called Papaya river, I don't even see any single papaya tree...lolz!

Papaya River
photo credit to Ms. Gilda

Papaya River was so awesome...kaya nang makakita ako ng flat rock...tingin ko kama and again...nap...nap...din pag may time...hehe! Ewan ko ba, parang napapadalas na ang pag-nap ko sa rest area...ang sarap kasi matulog, parang musika sa tenga ang lagaslas ng tubig sa ilog, ang mga huni ng ibon at ang malamig na simoy ng kalikasan....iba talaga ang pakiramdam ko pag nasa kabundukan ako...para akong malaya sa ano mang uri ng ingay at usok sa syudad...
Group picture
from upper left Me, Gerald, Lloyd, Ryan, Jc, Ka Freddie Gilda and Dada

BEWARE on napping!!!....titignan nyo baka madaya kayo sa what these naughty group did to me...waaah! they put additional 2kgs of sausage on my backpack....hahahahaha...And I didn't noticed that I am carrying extra load from  Papaya River to the campsite...kaya pala panay tanong sa akin ni Ms. Gilda kung okey lang ako....Waaah! Lesson learned...if you want to do some nap, embrace your                                                                                  backpack...lolz!

Some trail photos that I can share...

Tarak Ridge...

The Tarak Ridge

our camp at the ridge

A sign of happiness and overwhelming experience...This was a very memorable that I climbed Mt. Tarak...I can consider this mountain as one of my favorite...My fear changed into something that I can say...totoo talaga ang sinasabi ng iba..."lahat ng bundok ay mahirap akyatin....pero pwede at kaya mong akyatin"...

Mt. Tarak summit....

 Again, another mountain have seen, felt another unforgettable experiences, be with one of the beautiful Gods creation for us humans, climbed with the most trusted group I ever had and most of all carry a 13kgs backpack to campsite...hahahaha...
And of course, another Byaheng Jologs for all of you guys....kaya tara na Byaheng Jologs na!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mt. Humarap...Tatlong Krus with side-trip in Matabungka Falls

At first, when I was invited by The Backpackers, I don't have any idea about Mt. Humarap also known as Tatlong Krus. But known by them, I knew they already know my limits. Di kaya nila ako iinvite kung alam nilang di ko kaya...lakas ng trust noh? But it is...I trusted them that much...

We started our journey by visiting Paete Church. I was amazed by the old structure of the church. And every time I saw an old churches, I was very fascinated with its characteristics. Being old is the very plus factor to me and very picturesque. And I am a big fan of those brainy people who built this kind of architecture. Imagine they only used eggs for cementing those bricks....Ang gagaling nila talaga...

Church of Paete

The first church was built in 1646 by Paete natives under the supervision of Fr. Andres de Puertellano. In 1717, a new church was erected. It was made of adobe bricks and a mixture of egg white and other native materials to "cement" them. The building was constructed in elaborate baroque style with an infusion of oriental artistry. The intricate retablo pieces were made by Paetenian natives, among them were Bartolome Palatino and Francisco Macahumpan.

another old mural inside Paete Church
one of the old murals inside the Paete Church

Old bells inside the church tower...

After uttering some of our prayers and requests, we started to walk and head to our Brgy. Ilaya, Paete. Having no idea about the mountain, I just walk with the group and enjoy talking with some of them along the way....After a couple of minutes, I noticed that, from a cement road of the barangay, we started to walk on a cement stairs and it seems that it's a never ending stairs. Nagtataka ako kasi bakit puro hagdanan? Bakit wala akong nakikitang tipikal na mountain trail...And no one is talking about what kind of trail we are about to hike...The only word I heard from our leader, sir Ivan of Bp, is that, "guys, this is the easiest trail sa lahat ng aakyatin natin...chillax climb lang enjoy the trail"...But still I am waiting for a usual mountain trail along the way...yung madamo, may talahib, hahawak ka sa puno or ugat ng puno para makaakyat, ...pero isang oras na mahigit kaming lumalakad, puro stairs pa din! At take note ha...mas mahirap pala umakyat ng pagkahaba-habang hagdanan kesa umakyat ng bundok na maputik at madamo. Ang lakas makahingal....haaaay! Sagana sa "take five"

 Then after a couple of hours, we arrived at a park which I saw more or less with 5-8 houses on its side. There is a hut for picnics, a public comfort rooms, a sari-sari store and huwaaaah! Ang Tatlong Krus...!!! Eto na yun? Eto na ang peak?...eto na ang summit? And I laugh....eto na pala yun....hahaha. And I call it a "pleasure camp"...or should I say ...a "suit camp"...

Tatlong Krus / Mt. Humarap

Group Picture

me and sir Heinz fixing our condo tent

 We spend the night beside the Tatlong Krus and pitch our tents. It was really a fun day for me and it adds more fun when I saw the big tent that I was assign to sleep at. It was really big and it can accommodate 8 to 10 person and imagine I can stand straight inside of was really funny...naka condo kami....LOL

 After having a good breakfast, we started to break our camp and start to descend. Same route, the never ending cemented stairs....And when we reach the cemented resting area, we got confused if we will straight ahead or take the left trail ...we are looking for Matabungka Falls....and since we are all excited to reach the falls...we take the wrong way and only noticed when we are almost near the barangay....We don't have any choice but to stop for a while and wait for the others to arrive. Until one of the Bp told us to return and take the right trail to the falls...which is to turn left when you reach the cemented rest area. Pero kahit naligaw kami, still we are very happy and excited when we saw the falls.....Ang ganda...makatanggal pagod cannot resist the cold water coming from the top of mountain and have some dip into its basin...lahat naligo, lahat parang mga batang nagtampisaw sa malamig na tubig buhat sa itaas ng bundok...

And another adventure was added to my memories...another beautiful Gods creation that I can share to all of you...another exciting story that I can tell to my daughter, relatives and friends.  And another reminder to each and everyone...let us help in taking care of our that the next generation can also see the beauty of our Mother Earth...Tara...Byaheng Jologs na!!!

Special thanks to:
 The Backpackers

And: Ms. Amber Prudencio of  Diwatang Gala