Monday, November 5, 2012

Mt. Tagapo, Talim Island - Climbing Mountains is for Everyone....My revival climb after more than 20yrs!!!

Summit View
Jump-off place, Brgy. Hall of Janosa

Chapel near Brgy. Janosa

Summit Trail

At first, I am just having fun of reading others blogs about their climb adventures... It was the same feeling when I started to travel last January, 2012 ...Dati na akong umaakyat ng bundok during my college days. And that was already more than twenty years ago...Whew! Super tagal na nun ha....! After I got pregnant, I don't have any climbing activity since then.  But when I read one of Batang Lakwatsero's blogspot ...I told myself... "ang galing naman ng batang ito...buti pa siya nag-eenjoy sa pag-akyat kahit mag-isa lang"... And my happy and exciting memories of climbing mountains winked on my mind... "bakit nga hindi ko gawin ulit... alam ko kaya ko pa, kesa naman dumating yung time na wala na akong makitang summit kahit isa, because my body resists the capability to climb...."  
And the feeling of eagerness became stronger and stronger....I read more blogs from different blogger...some of them became my favorite site. And since I don't know any mountaineer now a days, pinakapal ko ang aking face, brother and sisters..hehe! I keep on commenting on some blog site that catches my interests, I also do some friend invites to those selected mountaineers...thanks to them because they don't refuse my invitation to be their FB friends...hihi...I also did some "epal actions" like joining to their wall posts/conversations just to get updated on how mountaineers do their passion in reaching summit ...With this efforts and kapalmuks,  I keep on hoping that someday, I can join and test my endurance and capability to climb again and do this Revival Climb of mine....

Thanks for the humbleness of Sir Ivan of The Backpackers, he invited me to join their climb in Mt. Tagapo, Talim Island in Binangonan Rizal.... A big thanks also to sir Thrasher Mina of The Adventures of Manong Unyol who encouraged me to climb and even giving me some tips and facts that even older women than me can still reached the summit and can climb with the young generation of mountaineers.

There is not much difference on mountaineering during my good old days than today...except that mountaineer now a days invested on their some beautiful and expensive climbing gadgets. Unlike during my time, we are not that particular on this things. Basta maka akyat lang...talo-talo na...But the only thing I really noticed, since all my buddies during this climb are all much younger than me, is that the feeling to be with others, the camaraderie, the sharing of different climb adventures, the respect to individuals, the concern to people that you first got along with and the love of nature are the same...Kaya lalo tuloy akong nakakapag balik-tanaw sa nakaraan ko.... yun kasi ang masarap sa bundok, we learn how to respect and be respected by others...
Campsite with Summit View
Kaya sa mga nanay na tulad ko, be proud with your sons and daughter who love to go climbing... because being a mountaineer is not that all pleasure, it is a big training for an individual whom they can learn how to be independent, be more disciplined, responsible and have a big role in taking care of our mother earth. And to all young mountaineers, I hope your parents see this principle that I use to see....
And to show what makes the mountaineer climb again and again just to reach the summit though it was really a breath-taking adventure, I want to share this pictures for you to see how beautiful our nature and what it has to offer with us...

My BP tent mates (Ms.Chons & Ms. Ane)

The Girls

My Buddies

My best ever climbing buddies who makes this dream turns into reality...Now I can say....Climbing is for everyJUAN... It's more fun in climbing....Ulitin na 'to.....!