Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Budget Tour in Iloilo and Guimaras -- Day 2 (Iloilo)

We spend our 2nd day budget tour in Iloilo City....
First, we decided to take our breakfast in Ted's La Paz Batchoy....and we wanted to eat on their original branch where it was first served.... that is in La Paz, Iloilo. And it took us just 1 ride on jeepney from Ong Bun to reach the place (Php7.50). We ordered their super special batchoy(Php65.00) and a bottle of water(Php20.00). Whew! It was really a delicious and heavy breakfast for that day....Sarap talaga! Sira ang diet pag nasa byahe....
Super Special Batchoy
 Having a heavy meal, we decided to have some walk, and catched our attention by  this Museo Iloilo, for only Php25.00 we were able to see some rare artifacts inside the museum but unfortunately cameras are not allowed...Jose! Beside the museum is the Iloilo Provincial Capitol....along the way, we saw some old houses and structures that captured my attention and eagerness to point and shoot my Jologs digicam...hehe...Feeling photographer nanaman.... 

Then, after an hour of walking, we decided to proceed on our major itinerary....visit some famous churches in the area. Again we rode a jeepney bound to Miag-ao.(Php40.00) It took us more than one hour ride before we reach the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site...... The Miag-ao Church one of the "Baroque Churches of the Phils."

Taking so many pictures of this church means, that I was very amazed and admired the place....Grabe talaga ang pagkakagawa! Or maybe I was really fascinated with old structures which most of our churches had.  Haaay...hearth warming talaga pag nakakakita ako ng ganito....Ang sarap magpipindot ng camera....kahit jologs....urgh!

Mama Mary wearing Baro't Saya

                          Our next destination is the Miag-ao Cemetery, which is also established during 18th century. From the church, we ride a tricycle(Php100 round trip) about 15mins. away. But when we reach the place, we saw nothing much interesting but an ordinary cemetery.  What we saw is the chapel inside which collapse during the earthquake. According to the caretaker, it was destroyed last August of this year.
Chapel inside Miag-ao Cemetery
Next in line is The San Joaquin Church. From the church, we again ride a jeepney to San Joaquin(Php15.00). About 30mins. we reach the jump-off point and walk for about another 5mins. 

This is another wonderful and picturesque church. Thought some of its part was already renovated, the bell tower is still on its original look, as my estimation, almost 40% of the total structure was partially renewed. Unlike the Miag-ao which preserved almost everything.

After praying and lighting a candles inside the church, we decided to go back in the city. It was almost 5pm by then. We arrived in Iloilo City around 7pm. We ride again another jeepney (Php7.50) going SM City - Iloilo. Outside the mall we saw the Biscocho Haus. We bought some pasalubong like Piyaya and of course biscocho....hehe....
That was a very tiring day. But we had a big smile on our face. We go back to our hotel, eat our dinner have a good and pleasant sleep. For tomorrow morning is our flight going back to Manila. We don't have much pasalubong, but we have lots of good memories and experiences to share with....

Another successful backpacking by Byaheng Jologs!!! To God Be the Glory!!! 

Actual Expenses For This Day Tour in Guimaras:

Transpo to Ted's                --       Php   7.50/person
Breakfast (Ted's)               --              85.00/person
Entrance Museum               --              25.00/person
Transpo to Miag-ao             --               40.00/person 
Transpo to Miag-ao cemetery --             35.00/person(service round trip)
Miag-ao to San Joaquin          --             15.00/person  
Lunch-carinderia                     --             50.00/person
transpo return to City              --              60.00/person
City to SM                              --                7.50/person
Taxi - SM to Ong Bun            --               90.00/3person

TOTAL expenses for the day ---------Php 355.00
              Expenses on day1--------       897.00
              Expenses on day2 --------      355.00
              Accommodations(2dys)--     1,440.00 / 3person(480.00)
              Airfare- round trip --------       782.50

TOTAL expensed for the whole tour --------------------------- Php 2,514.50

Special Thanks To: 
Mr. Jc Sabio http://readyjcgo.blogspot.com/ for helping me search the cheapest accommodation.


JC Sabio said...

haha.espesyal mention pa.hoep u enjoy ur iloilo adventure!upod ta sa sunod mo nga lagaw!:)

Byaheng Jologs said...

Sure sir Jc...tnx...